The best insurance for students in the UK and USA

Friends, short-term health insurance for British visitors to the USA and British visitors Welcome our visitors across the pond! Friends, of the 75 million foreign tourists in America, about 5 million come from the UK. Given the language and comfort with similar cultural values, British tourists come in large numbers to travel around America with … Read more

How Easy it is to Buy Personal Health Insurance

When searching for personal health insurance, you can easily compare the rates of different companies. Most of these sites require you to provide basic medical information, including your age, weight, and smoking history. You can also tell us about your lifestyle and medical history. You don’t need to file official medical records. All the information … Read more

Top 5 Insurance Companies In India

Top 5 Insurance Companies in India / what are the Top 5 Insurance Companies in India The Friends privacy insurance company was founded in 1999 following the recommendation of the Malhotra Committee, and thanks to this, a large private sector was allowed to enter the insurance sector, and, on the other hand, the regulatory and … Read more

7 Points to Know about Medigap Insurance Policy

Medigap’s policy is different from the Medicare Advantage plan, and the approaches do not cover prescribed medications. Federal health insurance plans combine your hospital (Part a), your health insurance (Part B), and usually the inclusion of medications (Part D) into one plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans also offer additional benefits that Medicare does not cover, … Read more